Leather Seats

We provide a service to both the car trade and private customers.

Leather seats are a luxurious, elegant feature to any car. They are unmatched in durability, beauty, and comfort, and properly maintained they will last for the life of the car.

Leather car seats are prone to wear on specific patches, for example where the side nearest the door is scuffed when getting in and out and where legs and elbows rest when driving. These patches often become dull, worn and even cracked in appearance and over time may deteriorate beyond repair.

We specialise in the repair and restoration of leather and vinyl car seats, interior trim and door cards etc, whether you have a scratch, scuff, tear, burn or stain.

  • Leather & Vinyl repair to car seats, dashboards, door panels etc
  • Colour restoration to leather and vinyl
  • Dashboard holes / scuffs / cracks on vinyl and textured surfaces
  • Cigarette burn repairs to leather, vinyl and fabric