Most modern vehicles have plastic headlamps and lenses which in time, can become discoloured and foggy when exposed to extreme sunlight and silicon based car-wash products. Getting your headlights replaced can be extremely expensive and time consuming, making our service a smarter more cost effective option.

The Headlight Restoration Service removes scratches and discolouration and restores the lens to original factory brightness with a new, long lasting protective layer. As an alternative to lens replacement, this service is a completely safe, cost effective, and timely solution.

Our technicians can visit you at your home, work or you can drop your vehicle off with us and get on with your day while we carry out the restoration service.

Headlight restoration is usually done within the hour using our specially formulated products.

  • Restores clarity
  • Increases visibility and safety
  • Improves appearance and increases value

Please, check our Headlights Restoratioopn kit…